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What is Noh?

Noh had been developed since the end of the 14th century especially among  shoguns and samurai warriors who governed provinces in feudal periods.  Noh plays consist of three parts, actors who dance and sing, singers who cover story-tellings, then musical instrument players.  Actors who play main characters wear wooden carved masks which show different expressions by changing the angles.  The atmosphere of Noh play is quite aesthetic and mysterious and there is the word called "YUGEN (subtle & profound)" to express this Noh world. 

​                       Noh play called "TAKATORA"               

​TAKATORA(1556-1630) was born in Todo village in Omi (current place is Kora-cho, Shiga) and became the powerful Samurai worrier with the height of 190cm.  Newly written play is about the story that his ghost expresses how he regretted the loss of his retainers during the battle of Winter war in Osaka.  The main role called "SHITE" wears the mask of Takatora that Mr. Iba created and realized from his imagination.   

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